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Specialty Drains

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  1. Planter Box Drain

    Our copper planter drain is great for home and commercial applications.  Weep holes throughout the stand pipe and flange make sure that moisture gets drained.

  2. Linear Shower Drain with Copper Drain Body

    Linear shower drain comes in a variety of sizes from 30" - 60" in length. Copper flashing with stainless steel clamp ring for easy installation. Drop-in stainless steel grate for easy cleaning. Adjustable height from 1.5" - 2.25".
  3. Linear Drain Body with Clamp Ring & Height Adjuster

    Linear drain body and plate assembly for linear shower drain grates. Comes with clamp ring and ABS plastic height adjuster

  4. Height Adjuster for Linear Shower Drain

    Height adjuster for linear shower drain base / body. Can be used with any drain body with 2" NPST (National Pipe Smooth Thread) pattern. Provides 3/8" - 1.5" height adjustment. Multiple height adjusters can be threaded together to provide greater adjustment.
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4 Item(s)