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Deck Drains

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  1. Planter Box Drain

    Our copper planter drain is great for home and commercial applications.  Weep holes throughout the stand pipe and flange make sure that moisture gets drained.

  2. Height Adjuster for Linear Shower Drain

    Height adjuster for linear shower drain base / body. Can be used with any drain body with 2" NPST (National Pipe Smooth Thread) pattern. Provides 3/8" - 1.5" height adjustment. Multiple height adjusters can be threaded together to provide greater adjustment.
  3. Shower Floor Drain

    The Thunderbird Products Shower Floor Drain is surrounded by a 16 ounce copper flashing that serves as a reliable material for waterproofing adhesion to prevent any and all possible drain leakage. It is available in a 2" or 3" no-hub outlet. It can be fitted with several drain grate options working as shower drain covers, such as a round grate, a square nickel bronze grate, and a square tile insert grate for the modern square tile in shower drain look. This shower floor drain is ideal for outdoor deck drainage systems as well as indoor shower drainage solutions. The Shower Floor Drain is anICC-ES approved product.

    The Shower Floor Drain is manufactured in the USA by Thunderbird Products and is also available as the Stainless Steel Shower Floor Drain option and a channel drain option as the Linear Shower Drain.

  4. 5" x 5" Square Tile Insert Grate

    Our square tile insert grate is a great replacement to give your shower area drain a modern sleek look. 5" x 5" grate made out of marine grade stainless steel.
  5. Linear Drain Body with Clamp Ring & Height Adjuster

    Linear drain body and plate assembly for linear shower drain grates. Comes with clamp ring and ABS plastic height adjuster

  6. Dual Membrane Deck & Balcony Drain

    Dual membrane deck drain designed for use with two layers of waterproofing.  Sandblasted 16 oz. copper flashing for great membrane adhesion.  Comes standard with choice of round or square grate.

  7. Large Commercial Deck Drain - Thin Membrane

    Our new commercial deck drain uses a spun copper drain basin and flashing made of 20 ounce copper.  Thin membrane design with 6" round brass grate. Manufactured in the USA by Thunderbird Products.

  8. Round & Square 3.5" Threaded Grate

    6" round or 6"x6" square grates will work with most standard 3.5" threaded drains. Made of casted brass. Finishes include chrome and oil rubbed bronze.
  9. Large Commercial Concrete & Tile Deck Drain - Adjustable

    Our new commercial deck and concrete drain uses a spun copper drain basin and flashing made of 20 ounce copper.  Grate sizes are 6"x6" square or 6" round brass.  Weep holes incorporated into the design allow for moisture to drain.

  10. Commercial Tile Deck Drain

    This copper drain is perfect for high-end and commercial applications.  The bronze square or round grate are casted from nickel and bronze.  Great for tile and concrete applications.  Weep holes incorporated into the design allow moisture to drain.  Strainer can adjust in height from 1" to 3".

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Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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