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Flat Roof Strainers & Accessories

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  1. Copper Dome Strainer

    This copper dome strainer is a great way to keep leaves and debris out of your drain.  Copper never rusts and beautifies with age.  Fits over our standard roof drain products.

  2. Flat Grate

    Stainless steel or Copper flat grate for our roof drain products.

  3. Flat Grate

    Flat Plastic Grate for use with our roof drain products.

  4. Clamping Ring

     Membrane clamp for use with any of our copper roof drains.

  5. Cast Aluminum Powder Coated Dome Strainer

    This is a great upgrade for Thunderbird Products roof drains. Heavy duty cast aluminum strainer can add weight and will not encounter any type of sun damage.
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5 Item(s)