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Ground Shipping Times
David Carnick Apr 20, 2014

Once your item has shipped the graphic below can help with approximate shipping times (lead time can be up to 4 days for certain products).

How Long Does It Take to Manufacture?
David Carnick Apr 22, 2014

Lead times vary for each product.  However below gives you a general idea.  If you need a specific product at a specific time please contact us to verify availability. Most of our drain products ship within one business day. Most of our vent products ship within 4-5 business d...

Product Questions
David Carnick Apr 23, 2014

You can ask questions about our products using our NEW product questions tab.  Questions are usually answered within 24 hours.  To ask a question go to a product and click: Be the first to ask about this product or Ask a question

Drain Installation Instructions
David Carnick Sep 22, 2015

´┐╝FLASHING DETAIL FOR BUILD-UP ROOF SYSTEMS 1. Mechanically attach 2 plies of roofing ply sheet embedded in hot asphalt to substrate, ensure the plies extend 18" past underlying portion of drain flange. 2. On under portion of drain flange, embed 1/3" layer, evenly spread roofing mastic compound....

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