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Flat Roof Roof Drains

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  1. Through Wall Parapet Roof Drain

    Through wall parapet roof drain comes in a variety of sizes.  ABS dome strainer is included.  Made of strong 16 oz. sandblasted copper for durability and membrane adhesion.  Manufactured in the USA by Thunderbird Products.

  2. Inside Wall Parapet Roof Drain

    Parapet roof drain with inside wall outlet.  Flahing made of long lasting copper.  Sandblasted for great membrane adhesion.  Available in 2", 3", and 4" sizes.  Optional built in overflow available.

  3. TPO Clad Stainless Steel Roof Scupper

    TPO Clad Stainless Steel scuppers.  Four sizes to choose from.  Spout length is 10".

  4. Roof Scupper

    Roof Scuppers made out of Copper and Stainless Steel.  Four sizes to choose from.  Spout length is 10".  All joints are soldered creating a stronger and weatherproof seal.

  5. Decorative Roof Scupper

    Handmade decorative scuppers available in both copper and stainless steel configurations.  Three sizes to choose from.  Spout length is 10".  Custom configurations are available upon request.

  6. Stainless Steel Deck Drain with Overflow

    Roof deck drain with overflow is perfect for roof deck installations. A simple but effective design made of long lasting stainless steel. Units come with a snap-in stainless steel strainer and built in overflow. Available in a variety of configurations and sizes.

  7. Overflow Drain

    Separate copper overflow can be used in conjunction with our standard drains to prevent overflowing.  A raised 2" pipe will drain water if water level gets to that height.

  8. Parapet Overflow Drain

    Separate parapet overflow can be used in conjunction with our stand alone drains or by itself.  With standard break the drain outlet is 2" off the roof (can be made to specifications).

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Items 11 to 18 of 18 total

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