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Flat Roof, Stainless Steel Roof Vents

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  1. Roof Exhaust Vent

    Roof Vent Cap for use with clothes dryer, bathroom fan, stove and kitchen exhaust and more.  Avaialbe for up to 12" diameter pipe.  Can be ordered with a one way damper and / or screen.  Made out of copper, stainless steel, or hammered copper.

    California Prop 65 WARNING

  2. Low Profile Roof Exhaust Vent

    Low profile design allows this copper, or stainless steel exhaust vent cap to sit close to the roof line.  A mesh screen keeps insects and critters out while allowing maximum venting.  Available in 4", 6", 8", and 10" pipe sizes (custom configurations available upon request).  Great for pitched roofs!

    California Prop 65 WARNING

  3. Attic Roof Vent

    Copper and stainless steel attic vents provide adequate ventilation for your attic.  This attic roof vent can be pitched to match the angle of your roof.

    ***This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable because it is custom made***

  4. Half Round Louvered Dormer Roof Vent

    Copper dormer vents and stainless steel dormer vents can be pitched to match your roof line.  Available in both 18" and 24" sizes.  Made of strong 16 ounce copper.  All joints are soldered created a stronger more weather resistant dormer vent.  Custom sizes and configurations are available.

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4 Item(s)